P V C Plank

We are a leading dealer/wholesaler/distributor of PVC Plank Flooring in Delhi. We are also leading importer and supplier of PVC Plank Flooring in Delhi. We also dealer/wholesaler/distributor of Industrial PVC Plank Flooring in Delhi.

When choosing a floor covering for an investment property, there are many factors to consider. Typically the first concern is cost, However carpet generally does not stand up well to the rigors of a rental situation. This means that the landlord usually has to replace the floor covering after every tenet. This also means that the tenant may have to be more careful for fear of not getting their security deposit back. This is where vinyl plank comes in.

1. PVC Construction. 
2. Durable Vinyl Wear Layer.
3. Glue Down Installation.

Benefits of Vinyl Plank Include

1. Very Water Resistant.
2. Has 10yr Warranty.
3. Damage plank easily replaced.
4. Easy to maintenance.